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Healing Personal Depression And Anxiety For Good
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2 billion Swedish Crown investment proves CBT (cognitive-behavioral therapy) ineffective and harmful.

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The Mass Psychology of Fascism: An understanding of the past, equally valid for current society.

Foretelling the end of toxic psychiatry

Don't trust the FDA. Corporate interests own the FDA to enforce their toxic food production and toxic drug approval system by tyrannical practices. The latest practices have them allying with big pharma to remove all dietary supplements that compete with big pharma medicines, based on deceit.  Watch the expose by clicking here.

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Anxiety is the root of most psychological problems in living, in business, and in personal relationships. Depression, phobias, obsessive compulsive disorders, traumatic stress problems and psychosis are grounded in anxiety

We are manipulated by the media and professional interests, to believe that anxiety is either a symptom of "sickness" or "mental disease." It is neither.

The feeling of anxiety may occasionally represent a symptom of an actual physical disease like a cardiac problem, metabolic or endocrine problem, or problem resulting from physical damage to the brain or infection. However, with psychological or emotional difficulties, including most clinical diagnoses, anxiety is a sign of a problem-in-living, not "mental illness" or disease.

The concept of "mental disease" or "mental illness" is a cleverly designed marketing tool in a multi-billion dollar "mental health" industry. There is no scientifically acceptable proof that "mental illness" exists. Correlative studies, often cited as "evidence," are a scientifically unacceptable form of proof that there is such a concept as "mental illness."

Correlative studies measure relationships, not whether actual phenomena exist. While there are serious problems-in-living, the concept of "mental illness," as the mainstream psychology and psychiatry professions typically describe it, is an illusion or false belief.  Psychosis is not a "mental illness" but a functional process, not unlike logical thinking. Psychosis is easily healed by functional psychotherapeutic procedures.  The lesser problems, defined as "neurosis" are frequently the result of easily changed disturbances in the character structure.

In recent years, the latest director of the National Institute of Mental Health has indicated the DSM or psychiatric diagnostic text, published by the American Psychiatric Association and used by most practicianers, is based on opinion and conjecture with such low validity and reliability that it cannot be recognized as having a basis in science or used in scientific studies. NIMH will subsequently utilize other more reliable and statistically valid diagnostic tools in their research. Yet, the DSM continues to be used by most clinical practicianers to stigmatize people experiencing difficulties in life. The effect of such stigmatization usually lasts a lifetime, diminishing the quality of life for any unfortunate person who happens to be in its grip.

In Civilization and its Discontents, published towards the end of his life in 1930, Sigmund Freud said of man: "it is hard for him to be happy in...civilization." Today, civilization is grounded in greed, deceit designed to achieve an advantage over others, dishonesty, and an insensitivity to the feelings of others. No wonder Freud's cogent analysis has become a benchmark for most lives, today. In 2010, more than $40 billion was spent on psychopharmaceutical approaches.  Grief is now being considered as a pharmaceutically treated "mental illness."

Recent advances in biophysical and strategic approaches to healing disconfirm Freud's pessimism. Most anxiety related problems can be easily healed, including most diagnosable problems, without resorting to psychopharmaceutical chemicals with harmful side effects.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by anxiety, depression, nervousness, fears or phobias, obsessions, or thinking disturbances, a low opinion of yourself, have spent years in psychotherapy with little progress and/or have been taking medication for thinking problems, you likely do not have a "disease" or "mental illness." You have a problem-in-living. Most problems-in-living can be effectively and quickly resolved, by non-pharmaceutical  means. The links on this site provide articles that can facilitate an understanding and healing.

After 38 years of psychotherapy practice, I've come to realize that most of what is sold (at great individual expense) as the arcane practice of effective psychotherapy, can be accomplished by coaching...with an understanding that everyone has the power to heal themselves. Most strategies employed in psychotherapy consulting rooms, including exercises in bioenergetic and other biophysical therapies, can be taught as self-help procedures to individuals.  I decided to end practicing psychotherapy and devote my time in developing written, cost-effective procedures to communicate practical strategies that can heal most difficulties, pro-bono work with people of limited income, and a coaching consultation practice.

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The phenomenology of insanity acquitees.

Sanism: Irrational Prejudice in the courts against anyone with a diagnosis


Truth in Drugs: Psychotherapy is more effective than anti-depressants in healing depression

Racism is magnified in State Mental Health Systems-California graphic display here; NY example below in Nov 18, 2011 presentation.

November 18, 2011 presentation of research opposing outpatient commitment laws

Outpatient commitment laws: 2014 research update: Irrational and Racist

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Pre-empt couple strife. Learn research on couple psychotherapy.

It is not the lack of love, but the lack of friendship which makes unhappy marriages
----Friedrich Nietzsche

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