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Jasenn Zaejian

Jasenn Zaejian, Ph.D.
Huntington Beach, California

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Brief Professional Autobiography

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Early in my studies, I learned that practicing effective psychotherapy requires many years of training and experience.

Psychotherapy is an organismic or whole body, brain, and social systems approach, demonstrating effectiveness only when people change to a healthy life style and character structure, develop an increased awareness of themselves and their environment, and get beyond the many constrictions that impede happiness and the experience of pleasure in themselves and with others.

I had the good fortune to study, in graduate school, with many prominent figures of the time in the psychotherapy, psychology and anthropology fields including Rollo May, Viktor Frankl, Ashley Montague, Everett Shostrom, Harold Greenwald, Herbert Blumer, and others.

In addition to graduate school, including research on cancer and personality, I completed formal psychotherapy training programs, including the completion of two years of weekly training programs in Gestalt Therapy, and organizational development management training.  In my last two years of graduate school I studied outside of and in addition to the graduate program, with one of my dissertation committee members, George Dillinger, M.D., who integrated Tibetan nutritional and herbal approaches with core energetics. In these two years, I engaged with George in weekly individual psychotherapy training and a weekly group training program in core energetics and Tibetan healing practices. These studies provided me with a foundation with which I came to see human problems. Most of the energetic healing work is castigated or shunned by main stream psychiatry and psychology.  In fact, George, a one time chair of the California Dept. of Rehabilitation Medicine, resigned his membership in the California psychiatric association when they began criticizing his unusual but effective work.  He continued his physical and psychiatric healing practice, working with parents, children, and disturbed individuals, until his passing. I recall mothers bringing their severe asthmatic children to him, after failing to find relief from main stream medicine.  He would provide simple nutritional, behavioral, and herbal remedies that ameliorated the condition within weeks, often for the first time.  Working with George provided the impetus that moved me, a decade later, to five years of personal biophysical psychotherapy work with a medical orgonomist. Orgonomy is another approach, shunned by the main stream, but effective in healing most severe psychological problems. In addition, I attended numerous day long and extended workshops in Jungian analytic psychotherapy, Lacanian analysis, and training in cognitive-behavioral approaches.

Following an emotionally painful divorce, in a life saving experience, I volunteered at a Buddhist monastery studying Buddhist thought and practice. That year, I also worked in personal therapy with a Gestalt Therapist, trained in psychosynthesis to understand, integrate, and move beyond the emotional pain from the abrupt ending of that relationship. Over the years, I also volunteered with the Red Cross Disaster Mental Health services where I was appointed acting officer to supervise many major disaster mental health crises operations, including the September 11, 2001 WTC disaster.

Forensic psychology experience includes expert witness testimony for the defense and submission of affidavits, in state and federal courts, including preparation of insanity defense, dangerousness, and competency evaluations. 

I developed neuropsychology labs in a forensic psychiatric hospital and a civil psychiatric hospital where I trained interns, conducted research, higher cortical function retraining, and clinical neuropsychological evaluations.  

Teaching experience includes neuropsychology for hospital psychologists and clinical psychology interns,  reasoning and rehabilitation programs for consumer groups, graduate psychology courses in existential psychotherapy, personality theory, clinical and counseling psychology, clinical practicums, child and adolescent counseling psychology, social and cultural diversity, and forensic psychology.

My career included various public service clinical and management positions, serving individuals from  multi-ethnic and multicultural communities in community mental health settings, a private psychiatric hospital, a private clinic, public psychiatric and forensic hospitals, prisons, and private practice. Though, I continue to consult as an emotional wellness coach, I ended my public service career in 2007. I recently completed being an external dissertation reviewer for a clinical psychology doctoral student. I continue as a reviewer for the Journal of Mindfulness, reviewing, developing editing suggestions, and recommending papers for publication.

I am the author of various papers on healing, some of which are included on this site, and a book, Giving Up “Mental Illness” Or How To Be Normal In A ‘Crazy’ World, essentially a training/teaching manual for people, published in 1998, now out of print.

Healing Personal Psychology, was published in June, 2011, as an attempt to deconstruct the field of "mental health" and expose what I've experienced, working in different systems across the country, as a system based on professional delusions or the clinical gaze. The "mental health" system is covertly driven by a multi-billion dollar industry embedded with misunderstandings of the construct of "mental illness," and mired in basic incompetence in effective treatment knowledge. Profit motives from this industry infect and distort both treatment, professional and public education, and professional training. As solutions, the text provides effective healing strategies for both individuals and institutions. It is available in both hard cover and digital editions.  

Healing Personal Depression And Anxiety For Good: The Only Self-Help Solution You'll Ever Need  was published as an E-book in September, 2012 and is available in all e-book formats, at most e-book retailers including Apple, and by clicking here. In a small effort to help heal the emotional devastation that our brave military experience in combat, I provide free coupons, on request, to deployed troops, veterans of Iraq and Afganistan, and their families. The book includes a number of helpful exercises for anxiety, depression, and post traumatic stress reactions, in addition to more than 200 links to free external healing websites, instructional books and papers, videos, and podcasts.

In 2012, I completed the inactivation of my psychology licenses in 3 states, as I no longer see individuals or practice psychotherapy. A number of recently published research studies have established that self-help procedures are as effective and certainly more economical than seeing a psychiatrist or psychologist. I fully embrace this position, based on years of prior professional experience. Self-help procedures can be easily taught by illustrated text or coaching.

Individual or couple life enhancement coaching consultations and management consultations are available by phone or live Skype video calls. 

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