Anxiety and Depression Healing

A Brief Introduction To Cellular Energy

Depression is a cellular energy problem involving the whole person.   The cells and essential components of the cell, the mitochondria, are not receiving the requisite nutrients. The mitochondria of the cells are our biological energy factories. With individuals reporting depression, physical exercise is usually minimal, with, some exceptions.  Lack of exercise contributes to the decreased energy in the mitochondria.  Essential nutrients e.g., vitamins and minerals from diet, including vitamin D from sunlight are deficient, given appetite difficulties and tendencies to isolate oneself at home.  

Decreased exercise creates a build-up of toxic waste products.  With adequate exercise, waste products are easily excreted from the skin. 
In the rare cases of those who undertake regular and strenuous aerobic exercise and are feeling depressed, a combination of nutritional factors and characterological factors are usually involved, if an actual physical cause is ruled out.

As  toxic waste products build up in cells of the organism, a general malaise sets in.  Different parts of the organism sends signals that something isn't working right. 

Healing depression requires invoking free will and a determination.  The degree of will required is not more than the will required to get up and get a drink of water when one is thirsty or take food when one is hungry. 

Some folks believe they do not even have the energy to move, eat or drink.  Or they desire not to move.  This must be overcome by the desire to heal, hence our will.  Will is an inborn reality in all human beings. 

With a month of daily aerobics, an increase in cellular energy occurs. The mitochondria become more efficient.  The excretory system begins to perform it’s duty, effectively again. People usually begin to feel as if the general malaise has lifted.  

These basic principles of healing depression, if only moderately practiced, will work for you.

If the primary origin of depression is a characterological problem, work with a psychotherapist, skilled in biophysical approaches is effective. The effectiveness is doubly enhanced by willing an exercise program, including yoga.

Hatha yoga releases the build-up of toxins in the joints, tendons and musculature.  Yoga can easily be self-taught from a text (Yoga by B.K.S. Iyengar).  Although a good teacher will facilitate the process, teaching how to prevent over stretching and development of proper form.

Nutrition is a significant component in healing depression.  Vitamins, minerals and foods can be individually matched to the organism, using kinesiology or muscle testing.  A diet in which fast-burning carbohydrates (wheat products, sugar, sweets, etc.)are reduced and replaced by vegetables, fruits and a non-soy protein source protein, helps energize the metabolism.  

Devoting less than an hour each day to yoga and exercise, even if one needs to force oneself, is well worth the investment, given the cost savings in therapist time and a return to a life where pleasure predominates. When cellular energy is enhanced, overall health is positively effected.

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