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Coaching Consulting Procedure & Fee Schedule*

Coaching Consultation Procedure
All consultations require a non-refundable retainer.  The procedure for arranging consultations is detailed here. First contact for individual, couple, and management consultations are received via email at In this initial email, describe in detail, the issue or difficulty you are seeking consultation for. I will respond within a day or two, indicating acceptance of your request.  I'll e-mail you further instructions, a written coaching contract stipulating details and limitations of the consultation, and requests for time availability.  If you agree, sign and return the contract, preferably via e-mail, follow the procedure to deposit the non-refundable retainer fee by clicking the "buy now" payment button at the bottom of this document, and provide me with a list of dates and times you are available for a one hour consultation.  I'll then send you an email questionnaire to be completed and returned, if deemed necessary, and select one of your available dates and times for the first hour contact via your preference of either phone or Skype video. Please adhere to the agreed time, +/-5 minutes. Fees are determined by length of calls, recorded on your phone or Skype service, charged against your minimum retainer fee.  

Individual & Couple Coaching Consultations

For individual and couple consultations, it is advised that you first purchase and read a copy of my book, Healing Personal Depression And Anxiety For Good: The Only Self-Help Solution You'll Ever Need.  The cost is $9.99.  I can provide you with a .pdf copy on request for $9.99 after July 1, 2012. You can also purchase it in Kindle format from, at that time.  I can provide a link for the e-book distributor for all other e-reader formats by mid July.  After reading and practicing the healing exercises in the text, contact me again at with a consultation request, describing the issue and the effect of practicing the exercises, for at least one month. I will reply, indicating acceptance, with a contract for you to sign stipulating details of the coaching consultation and, if necessary a detailed questionnaire for you to return.   If you agree sign and return the contract via email, deposit the initial retainer by clicking the payment button at the bottom of this document, and provide me with a possible list of times and dates for a first call.  Once I receive the signed contract and retainer, I'll select one of your times, and provide you with a phone number and Skype ID for the coaching consultation, via email.  If through Skype, first establish a connection with my Skype ID.  If you desire a coaching consultation, prior to reading the book, email me with the details of your request. I'll respond within a few days, notifying you of acceptance with the coaching contract for you to sign and return with your available times.  Once I receive the coaching contract and retainer, I'll select one of your times for you to call, and possibly provide you with a questionaire to complete, at least two days prior to the call. 

Management Consultations

Management consultations require a non-refundable, five hour or $1500 retainer fee. First, email me at, describing details of the issues you are facing and desire to resolve. If accepted, I will reply within a day or two with a Management Consulting Contract to sign and return.  If you accept, reply to this email, attaching the signed contract and times you are available, in addition to depositing the retainer by clicking the "buy now" button at the bottom of this document. Upon receipt of the retainer and signed contract, I will send you an email citing an agreeable time for first consultation, phone number, and Skype ID for live video calls. At this time I may request additional information or ask you to complete and return a questionnaire, at least two days prior to your first call.  If through Skype, first establish a connection with my Skype ID.  Notify me via email when Skype is active, confirming the pre-arranged date and time you will contact me. Please adhere to the time constraints, +/- 5 minutes of the agreed upon call time.


Fee Schedule**
  Individual & Couple Consultations Management Consultations
Two hour minimum phone & Video/Skype    $600
Five hour minimum phone & Video/Skype     $1500


$300 per hour
$300 per hour
Retainer Options

* All email communications, unless encrypted, are not considered to be secure or confidential, as they can be intercepted and read by clever individuals that may have malicious intentions.

** All fees are prearranged.  Calls are billable on a per minute basis.  Retainers are paid in advance.


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